Your consulting firm has been commissioned to provide guidance to an organization that is planning to go global. The firm is asking for an assessment of the employment and labor laws in the first country they plan to expand into.
Identify an organization that currently operates in the United States and does not have international operations. Ensure that there is information about this organization available online.Then, select a country into which they plan to expand.
Section 1: Introduction. Provide background information on the organization.
Section 2: Review of Three Employment/Labor Laws. Provide a comprehensive review of three employment/labor laws in the country you have selected. These laws should be related to the organization and its industry. In other words, employees would have to follow these laws if they went overseas.
Section 3: Implications for HR Management: Provide an analysis of the impact these laws will have on human resource management.
Section 4: Conclusion
APA 7th edition only. Turnitin framework must be under 15%. 4-5 pages not including the title and reference page. 3-4 references