You will complete a Current issue paper that relates to Abnormal Disorders of Childhood. Papers should be 3-5 pages in length. You will be discussing a current issue related to our course material. You may select any topic of your choice, as long as it relates to our focus of child psychopathology. The analysis may include research on current topics in local news media, a peer-reviewed research article, blog writing or other public media outlet. Examples include: a new treatment for a disorder, a controversial treatment, over-diagnosis concerns, child risk factors, parenting strategies, a high profile child maltreatment case, etc. You will need to incorporate course material to the topic and present a written analysis of the topic. Papers must use current APA standards, including correct format, spelling and grammar, with cover page, in-text citations and references page. The title and citation pages do not count towards the 3-5 pages of content.