You must include six (6) studies in your table. At least one of the studies has to be qualitative, and at least one of the studies has to be quantitative. The remaining studies can use any methodology as long as they directly address your PIO/PICO question. Within the table, include the following information for each citation: Author and date (published within the last five years) Study Design Sample, Sample Size, and Setting Data Collection approaches Findings from the study that help answer the EBP question Study Limitations Evidence Level Following the table, you will attach an APA-formatted reference list with full citations of the articles included in the table. Due Date Synthesis tables due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m., CT Assignment Guidelines and Rubric You will not write a paper with this assignment. You will only be turning in your completed Literature Review Synthesis Table, along with an APA-formatted reference list. A title page and abstract are not required for this assignment. The reference list should be double-spaced and typed in size 12 Times New Roman font. The font within the table should be large enough to be readable. There is no word limit for this assignment. Students must have the table fully completed with six studies and six APA references in the reference list.