[]You cannot use ethical or moral issues specific to a topic.
[]My teacher requires the sources to be from our Polk.edu on the “Library/TLCC” tab then click the books/catalogs tab on our school website. All the sources have to come from there.
[]I have the title for one source I found I just can’t find a way to download it. its “Business Ethics as a required course: Investigating the Factors Impacting the decision to require Ethics in the Undergraduate Business core curriculum.”
[]Below is a checklist, with all the requirements and format for this research paper.
This checklist must be submitted with your final research paper, but it would be helpful for you to consider each item as you work on your paper. If you check an item, and that requirement has not been met, you will lose points on your final paper. Fulfilling the items on this checklist does not eliminate the requirements outlined in the research paper guidelines document or other assignments/expectations identified during the course.
1. ___ Each entry on the works cited page is reflected in the body of the paper in parenthetical
citation (in-text citation). If it appears on the works cited page, you must have used the source in the
2. ___ Each parenthetical citation (in-text citation) in the paper matches the entry on the works cited page,
and the material in parentheses is the FIRST material on the works cited page. (Some variations
may occur if you have more than one source beginning with the same word/words). This is true
even if you introduce the source in the context of your paper. Therefore, if the first word on the
works cited entry is “Maya Angelou”, that is what you must include in the in-text citation or the
introduction of the materials in your paper. Your readers should be able to go from the material in
the in-text/parenthetical citation and find that source by looking at the first word in each works cited
entry, alphabetically, and locate the source you used.
3. ___ All of the material is double spaced, and the paper is formatted based on the MLA 8th edition. There
is at least one video tutorial in the course modules. This includes longer, indented direct quotations.
4. ___ The works cited page is double spaced, and there are no extra spaces between entries.
5. ___ The paper has an appropriate header following MLA guidelines.
6. ___ The second and subsequent line of each entry on the works cited page is indented.
7. ___ WIKEPEDIA is not reflected as a source on the works cited page or used as a source for the paper.
8. ___ None of the works cited entries starts with a web or .com/.org/.gov., etc.
9. ___ The paper has MLA formatting throughout.
10. ___ The paper has an MLA cover page, and since your paper has a cover page, the first page of the
paper has only the title and a header preceding the start of the paper.
Your paper will receive an automatic zero if any of the MLA rules are violated. That is the purpose of your
learning how to use MLA citation, and this paper is used as a measure of your learning that format.