This exam is an individual assignment. You may use your notes, textbook, my videos and slides, as you answer these questions; make sure you do not just copy verbatim from your text. I am not looking for direct quotes from the book – rather, I want to see your responses and analysis in your own words.
Below are three questions. Choose two questions to answer (you will not get extra credit for answering all three). Provide your question responses in a Word document.
Exam questions:
1. Describe the concept of “national culture” and, using one typology model (e.g., Hofstede, the GLOBE Project), explain how the culture of one group of people can be distinguished from that of another, and the implications of these differences for international management.
2. Discuss the relationship between national culture and organizational culture and how this relationship can create challenges of diversity in the modern work environment.
3. Explain the most important elements of effective cross-cultural negotiation and communication and provide three major challenges that can occur.