We tell a limited narrative about Rosa Parks and her role in the CRM. The wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters of the Memphis sanitation workers supported their strike while they held signs declaring “I AM A MAN.” The Moynihan Report places much blame on female-headed households for the poverty African American families face. The Women’s Movement of the 1960s was largely ignorant to the issues facing women of color (see this excerpt from “The Trouble Between Us.”)
Today, most people don’t realize that the (hashtag)Black Lives Matter movement was started by three women. Watch this brief video about BLM in their own words.
Why do you think history largely ignores the contributions of women of color to the Civil Rights Movement, with the except of the “modified” Rosa Parks story? What parallels do you see with the Black Lives Matter movement?
Discuss your thoughts below.

For more, here’s another optional video to watch. This video contains descriiptions of violence experienced by Black women, including photos. It is not required.
It is a TED Talk by Kimberlé Crenshaw, the women first credited with using the term “intersectionality.”