Read: Adam Grant’s “The Real Meaning of Freedom At Work” WSJ and Donald Sull’s “Toxic Culture Is Driving The Great Resignation” MIT Management Review. Available on Canvas.

Due Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2022 8:00pm.

Style and Requirements:
• 2 Page (1000 words) double spaced.
• APA Style required. (Only Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman fonts allowed. Minimum 11pt Maximum 12pt)
o Use the required course Cover Sheet/Title Page (Provided on Canvas).​
o No abstract necessary
o You must include page numbers
o References APA Style. Do not forget to cite in-text using APA style.
• Submit on Canvas as a pdf.
• Must use ABC writing focus = Active voice, Brief points, Concise thought. Get to the point!

Required Prompts:
1. Peter Drucker once commented “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.” How do you support this statement with the Grant and Sull articles?

2. Which of the work structure components (lecture) best fits Grant’s article and vice versa?

3. Based on your reading of both articles, how should managers consider freedom as it relates to the great resignation businesses are experiencing?

4. What management strategies would you recommend to other managers in this new time of remote work and still maintain employee morale and product/service quality, productivity and reliability?