Choose ONE topic from the list below and write a well-thought and sourced paper. Papers must be at least two full pages (typed, 12-pt font Times New Roman, double-spaced, standard (default) margins). Please choose between MLA or APA formatting (Links to an external site.). Formatting will be strictly enforced, and points will be taken away if papers are not formatted correctly. Late assignments will receive a maximum of 90% credit, and will drop by a letter grade for each class missed beyond the due date. None will be accepted after the final exam.
Minimum number of sources: at least one (1) “book” (i.e. full-text/book-length sources, e.g. DeVeaux & Giddens), PLUS at least one (1) or more “articles” (not blogs) . Online sources are ok as long as they meet the above (and academic-quality) standards. A strong “A” paper typically will cite 3-6 such sources, on average.
Writing Assignment #1 is due by Friday, October 7th at 11:59pm.
Please note: Late submissions will lose 1 letter grade (10 points) for each week beyond the due date

Please choose from the following prompts:
1. What was the Great Migration? What is its significance for jazz history?
2. Compare and contrast the style of two of these bands:
Original Dixieland Jazz Band
King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band
Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers
3. How did racial issues in the post–Civil War United States affect the development of jazz
during the period covered by Chapter 1?

Formatting expectations:
Basic Cover/Title page (your name, our class, project/paper title, your submission date). While strict MLA formatting typically shuns cover pages, you should include one for this assignment and omit a header on the first page of your essay. This will save space tải minecraft 1.17 apk on an already short 2-page persuasive essay.
Omit a header on the first page of your essay. Instead, include a cover page. This may be different than strict MLA formatting, but it will save space for your impassioned and well-cited/sourced essays!
Minimum 2 pages, double-spaced (not inclusive of your cover page & bibliography/works cited pages).
12 pt. standard-sized font Times New Roman (not wide fonts e.g. Courier or Copperplate, to manipulate page limit)
Default/standard margins (also don’t use this to manipulate page limits; penalties will apply)
Bibliography page (sometimes called Works Cited; sources laid out in a proper MLA or APA citation format, separate from your in-text citations)
In-Text citations (sources cited as you go, in proper citation format, separate from bibliography page)
Essentially, think of this as an argument sandwich. You’ve got your cover and bibliography/works cited pages acting as the bread (rye, brioche or French roll for me!), and your well researched and sourced/cited arguments are the filling (I’m a sucker for a good tuna sandwich personally, and nothing is better than a New Orleans fried shrimp Poboy (Links to an external site.). But I deliciously digress!) Make the arguments delicious and filling, like a Clyde Stubblefield solo (Links to an external site.), and sandwich it between your cover page and your thorough works cited/bibliography.