For this assessment, you will utilize the South Texas College KPI webpage

Student Achievement Goals

After you have reviewed the material, respond to the following:
For each of the five indicators, enrollment, college readiness, progress, completion, and post-graduation success utilize the data to provide one additional visualization (for each KPI). Provide at least one type of conclusion that could be made from the data provided for each KPI. Suggest one other data source that would provide more information to make data-driven decisions. Explain what information that source would supply
Utilize APA (7th edition) formatting
Provide a minimum of 500 words
Provide citations and references for all sources
Save in Word format and upload the document through the assessment link
Tips for Success: For each visualization ensure the reader will understand what is represented without further explanation. Ensure all appropriate information is present (ie. Title, Labels, etc.). Utilize a minimum of two different types of visualization. Provide and defend your reasoning for the additional data source.