Write a 2-page essay MINIMUM (double-spaced 12 font, 1-inch margins) for EACH of the TWO (2) prompts listed below. Again, this is the “C” level work. For a grade of “A” or “B” you will need
to show mastery of the reading and provide several examples to support your points. Use your textbook (I provide chapters for you, and any other sources which you use to help form your
essay). Please turn-in your responses to BOTH questions in ONE-word document. Turn-in double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12
1) Discuss the role the media plays in our political process. Provide evidence that there is a “liberal” media bias in the United States and give examples to support this conclusion. What are the types of media and which are the most influential and why? Explain the role talk radio has played in balancing
out media bias. Finally, provide the framework which the media uses to influence our opinion (ex. Filtering, slant, priming, framing, etc.). Discuss these concepts and explain the power they represent in influencing public opinion. (Chapter 7)
2) Explain why interest groups have had a profound impact on politics in the United States. Provide examples of the various interest groups and provide data to support their impact in supporting either Republican or Democratic candidates. Discuss the strategies (both inside and outside) that interest groups use in attempting to influence law makers in creating public policy. (Chapter 10)
Remember, you need to demonstrate you read the chapters in the book. Please provide in-text citation of the specific pages you used to get your information. You are also welcome (in addition to) use outside sources, but you will be graded on the evidence of your reading of the textbook and your overall analysis.
American Politics Today 7th essentials edition (Norton ebook reader)