Using an integrative approach, identify and describe how more than one theory can help explain and treat the substance abuse in following case scenario:
Sally is 16 years old and lives with her mother and 8-year-old brother in the “projects” in Cleveland, Ohio. She started smoking cigarettes at age 12 by stealing from her mother. She took her first drink of alcohol when offered by a teenage babysitter at age 10 and started drinking regularly with peers at age 12. Her father is in and out of her life due to an addiction to heroine. Her mother works long hours at a local dry-cleaners and Sally frequently provides after school daycare for her brother which she “hates.” Sally feels trapped and forgotten by both parents and overwhelmed by the demands of her coursework and caregiving. In addition, she makes meals and does the housekeeping at home. Consequently, her grades have dropped, and she may have to repeat her sophomore year of high school. Sally recently tried cocaine and found it extremely pleasant. She has since used cocaine at every opportunity offered her and is beginning to do “favors” for friends to get access to the drug. When Sally’s mother caught Sally drinking alcohol, she told Sally that she was “just like her father.”
Answers should include the name of the theories used. An integration of the main points for cause of the abuse should be identified. An integration of treatment approached should be listed.