European and American textbooks for hundreds of years attributed the success of the conquest of the Americas to Spanish superiority and the lack of Native American civilizations. In this essay, your job is to establish whether or not this is a myth. To effectively answer the prompt, you must address three other questions. First, did the Native Americans have established civilizations before first contact with the Spanish? Second, what internal issues may have caused the Native Americans to be quickly overtaken? Third, what are the critical factors in creating the Spanish empire and conquering the natives?
Your answer should be between 500 and 700 words. Remember that as this exam is open-book, open-notes, and open-source, you will be held to a higher standard. To be successful, you should synthesize information gleaned from the lectures and the American Yawp Textbook found here (Links to an external site.). You should begin with a declarative statement that identifies which way you will be answering the given question. If you use any other source to find your material, you must cite the source with a footnote in the text.