Write a well-constructed essay in which you identify two characters in
“Fences,” determine what kind of conflict each has, and examine the way (s) in which each of
them finds a solution to his or her conflict.*
*Think about what conflicts or problems that the two characters you choose have. The conflict
can be within themselves or from outside difficulties.
– Who or what does each character fight against?
– Are your chosen characters fighting to find and maintain their identity, or fight to
earn some dignity and respect? In what way(s)?
– It is possible that a character never resolves his or her conflict. If not, why not? What
is stopping him or her from moving on beyond the conflict?
– Has an introductory paragraph that mentions the title and author of the text
(“Fences” by August Wilson) AND the two characters you’ve chosen and the
inner or outside conflicts they have.
– Has several body paragraphs that are organized in a way that describes and
explains your two chosen characters, what kind of conflict they have, and how
each character finds a solution to his or her conflict
– Has quotes from the play (the text) to support your analysis in your body
– Has a concluding paragraph that discusses the importance of moving on from
conflict in life. What must someone do to successfully move on from conflict in
his or her life?