Write a 3–4 page paper discussing the stage of Piaget’s development the children in the video are in and provide evidence to support your answer.
Address the following questions in your paper:
How do you see self-fulfilling prophecy and learned helplessness portrayed in this video?
How was the self-esteem of the children affected by participating in this study?
Why do you think the children’s test scores rose after participating in this experiment?
How can you use Piaget’s theory and Kohlberg’s theory to explain the adult and children’s behavior during this study?
Which theory (theories) of personality can help you understand the students’ behavior in this video? Find at least one resource to support your answer.
Your paper should use APA (7th ed.) citations and format and include a title page and a reference page.
Citation: PBS. (1985, March 26). A class divided [Video]. Frontline. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/class-divided/