Will it help or harm our economy if the government passes the $3.5 Trillion infrastructure bill currently being touted by the Democratic party ?
(last name begins with) A-K: democrats
L-Z: republicans
(You will switch parties for debate 2, goal of assignment is to learn views of both parties.)
This is an economic policy debate. Your essay must speak to the effects of the recently articulated democratic proposal on student loans on our economy. Why will this idea improve / harm our economic indicators of success?
Your essay must contain:
A summary of how infrastructure improvements are usually paid for in our country. Federal government? State and local government? Charity? (about ½ page)
A summary of the proposed actions in the bill (explain why this idea is consistent with freedom to and inconsistent with freedom from) (about ½ page)
A summary of the basic views of both parties, using the language of Freedom From / Freedom To AND the 3 forms of equality (see my lecture videos) (about 1 page)
A detailed analysis of why 1) your party’s idea will improve our economy and 2) why the other party’s idea will harm our economy, using the specific economic indicators discussed in my lecture video (about 1 page to 1 ½ pages)
*parts 1-3 should be written objectively (non-partisan), part 4 should take on a partisan or biased tone.
*see the YouTube lecture posted above for helpful advice on how to research this paper.