White Paper
Your paper is to be written as a White Paper. It should
describe a proposal for an HRD application that is consistent with the most
current, state-of-the-art HRD practices being adopted by the HRD community, to
help address an organization’s strategic business challenges (examples of what
a HR White paper looks like are located in the Assignments area on BlackBoard
in the HRD Application Project folder).
Your research should begin with the
treatment of the topic in your textbook but most of your presentation and paper
should be based on research of other sources (e.g., other books, case studies,
research journal articles, etc.).
The White Paper should be at least 10
pages in length (including a cover page, executive summary, body, and
references) using 12-point font and 1 inch margins. APA style should be used to
cite sources in the body of the paper and list references at the end of the
Your white paper should address the
following questions:
What is the specific HRD application
you are proposing?
How would an organization know
that they need this HRD application, based on needs analysis?
What are 4-5 useful learning
objectives (see Table 5.2 in text) that this HRD application will address?
How will this HRD application
be designed, in terms of materials, facilitation, and timeframe for the
program/intervention (see ‘lesson plans’ in chapter 5)?
What are some examples of how
trainees will experience this HRD application (i.e., examples of training
How will the effectiveness of
the HRD application be evaluated (provide specific details of the evaluation
Oral Presentation
You should develop a PowerPoint presentation that you will use in
a presentation recorded using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Your presentation
should be approximately 10 minutes in length and parallel the content of your
white paper.
Project Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thpSgaQhlss
Textbook: Werner, J.A. (2022). Human Resource Development: Talent Development (8th Ed.).