What constitutes good, healthy, or proper sexuality and what constitutes a perversion, degeneration, or pathological form of sexuality? Is there a proper object of a sexual desire?In order to know what makes sexuality go wrong you will need to consider what makes a desire or activity sexual in the first place. You must focus on Nagle as well as Freud and/or Jacobsen (but you may consider anyone else in the course you find relevan). Recommended structure: Briefly explain what would constitute both proper and perverted sexual desire for Nagle, Freud and/or Jacobsen. You can discuss both Freud and Jacobsen or choose to go more in depth on one or the other if that suits your paper best). Try to highlight what makes them different. This should take about 1.5* pages. In the final 1.5* pages argue for your own answer to the question by developinga response to the views presented. This can take many forms. For example: You may side with one thinker over the others, explaining why their account is best. Or, you could combine the best aspects of different accounts and explain how you can do this consistently. You could also argue that there is something wrong with all of these accounts. You could even argue for a modification of one of the accounts or suggest a new account.