Well, folks, it look as if it’s all over – what happened to us?
Let’s talk a bit about the stories we have read concerning the end/reset of the world and everything in it.
This is a discussion. You are to discuss some of your own thoughts and opinions about what you have read. The two stories that are the most prominent are the ones you will discuss: Ragnarok (from the Prose Edda) and the story of Noah and the flood found in Genesis.
What you are to do is this: answer these questions –
First: Why does God send the flood? Is it truly an apocalyptic story (in other words, does EVERYTHING get destroyed)? What happens in Ragnarok? Why does the end come? Who is it that survives (if anyone) and why?
Then: How do you feel about each of these stories? Is one of them more “realistic” in terms of your own ideas? Are both of them to be looked at as motivational tales, as attempts to encourage the readers/listeners to practice and/or avoid certain behaviors in return for a good outcome?
Finally: How the events in our own time affect your thoughts about these ancient stories? What do you think about the end of the world?
Once you have composed your reply, remember to click “Post” – then check out the replies of at least two other classmates and give them feedback – ask them questions about their own thoughts. Keep in mind that you need to go back and check your own initial post to see what others have asked concerning what you wrote.