Using all that you have learned in this course, respond to the following in a 4-5 page final assignment paper:
As you reflect through the past four weeks of this course, select three topics that have impressed you the most. Feel free to select your three topics from the list of chapter titles from your textbook (i.e. Chapter 1 is “Social Psychology”, Chapter 2 is “What has Christianity to do with Social Psychology?”, etc.) or from the Session topic names from the Sessions in this course (i.e. Session 5 is “Interpersonal Attraction, Relationships, & Helping Others”). Complete the following in your final assignment paper:
Define the topic, using what you learned in this course to explain what the topic means and its scope within social psychology. Repeat this for all three topics.
Share the reasons that these topics touched you personally.
Explain how you will use this information in the future both personally and professionally.
Reflect on any Scripture verses you encountered while taking this course that caught your attention and explain the reasons. Use your textbook to support your reflections.
Use APA formatting to write your paper and ensure that you include a cover page and reference page (these will be excluded from the page requirements).