Use the format and provided these detiail
While business reports may take many formats, I recommend that you
use the following structure to analyze the case and prepare your reports:
A/ Objective
and Scope:
This introductory paragraph should be brief and identify the case’s main ideas
and objectives. Provide and summarize relevant background information from the
case for the reader to comprehend the problem at hand.
Recommendations or solutions: List your key recommendations in bullet point or numbered
C/ Analysis: For each
recommendation, present your analysis integrating theory and concepts from the
course. You need to provide the rationale behind each proposal. Your examination
may include qualitative analysis (cost/benefit, risk factor, cultural
perspective, strategic considerations, etc.) and or quantitative analysis (cost
analysis, NPV analysis, inventory levels, productivity analysis, etc.) leading to
the recommendation.
Implementation plan (not
required): If the case calls
for it, present an implementation plan and discuss execution issues for your
Conclusion: Briefly summarize your main findings and solutions.
F/ Appendix (not required): This should consist of information that
contains the details about your analysis. For example, if you are selecting an
inventory policy, you can append the computation specifics. Charts and graphs
that provide extra details also belong in the appendix.