Use the following list to search types of advertisements and provide an example for three types of advertisements listed. For each example, provide a link to the image or video that demonstrates the advertisement. Then, briefly explain why that ad is an example of that particular type of advertisement and whether or not you think it effective at reaching its targeted audience.
* Cooperative Advertisement
* Image Advertisement
* Brand Identifier Advertisement
* Introductory Advertisement
* Human Scenario Advertisement
* Benefits Advertisement
* Series Advertisement
* Trade Advertisement
* Destination Advertisement
Once your three examples are evaluated, choose one and explain how you could use it within your own marketing campaign for a theoretical business or one you are planning. You may also your employer, but any business used has to be hospitality related. Describe your business and the target market. Define your goal for marketing. Then, explain how your advertisement relates to the goal. Explain your reasoning for using the tools and techniques you choose, using key terms from your readings.