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Written communication skills are very important to your success in the workplace and in college coursework. This course provides an introduction to basic written communication expectations at IWU. Over the remaining workshops, you will work through a guided process of writing a basic essay. You have already learned how to use tools such as Grammarly, TurnItIn, and to develop your skills and help you be successful. For writing your essay, we will use Academic Writer to work through the steps together. It may have been a while since you last sat down to write a “paper,” but if you work through the guided steps in this course, you can be successful.
Here are the steps you will be taking:
Step 1: Choose a topic (4.4)
Step 2: Create a title page (4.4)
Step 3: Review a model essay (4.5)
Step 4: Find sources (5.2)
Step 5: Write a reference page (5.3)
Step 6: Pre-writing activity (5.5)
Step 7: Write the essay (6.2)
Step 8: Use tools to proof and edit (6.2)
Step 9: Submit your final paper (6.2)