Topic: The Need for Disaster Communication to Establish Evacuations Routes for Rural Areas
For your term research project, you will be expected to complete an 10-12 page research paper. This paper will be double spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman. You may use any citation style, as long as you are consistent. In other words do not use MLA for your works cited page and Chicago for in-text citations. The paper should include a cover page and works cited page (not part of the 10-12 page count). The paper should have an introduction, subsections with title, and conclusion. 
You will have the liberty to select any communications topic as long as it relates to emergency management. You should include the following sections in your paper:
1. Introduction (why is your topic important to understand)
2. History of your topic and disaster communication
3. Brief literature review 
4. Your Topic (with subsections)
5. Findings and Conclusion