Topic Option 1: Let’s say John calls into the office and is requesting a refill for his prescription narcotic, Percocet. He just received a 30-day supply of Percocet less than two weeks ago. He becomes irate that it cannot be filled. How should you handle John’s phone call? Should you make the doctor aware he is already out of his Percocet? What schedule drug does Percocet fall into? What are the potential dangers with John’s situation?
Plagiarism is a serious penalty; please make sure to use your own words and provide citations and references for any sources you utilize in your responses.The citation (i.e. DeVore, 2015) follows any sentence that reflects information you learned from the book. All initial responses to the DQs require at least one reference.Reminder: Use your own words when writing your post. You should include the reference at the bottom of your post should appear as follows: For example: Reference waves v14 download
DeVore, A. (2015). The electronic health record for the physician’s office. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

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