To Prepare:
Review each of the following scenarios and choose one as the subject of your Discussion post.
Scenario 2: A prospective employee tests positive for marijuana on a drug test in a state where marijuana is not legal.
What is your role as a nurse executive in the hiring process?
What are the legal mandates that you need to abide by in this situation?
How would you engage with this prospective employee?
What if this was a current employee? What would guide your response and how would you engage with this employee?
For each scenario, reflect on the issues and considerations that stand out to you. Choose one scenario as the subject of your Discussion post. Keep in mind that you will be required to respond to at least one peer whose post is the scenario you do not select.
Review Learning Resources related to both scenarios, to help you formulate your Discussion post and prepare your response to peers.
Indicate your choice of scenario in the title of your Discussion post, i.e., Harassment or Marijuana Use
Post the following:
A brief explanation of the issues and considerations at work in your chosen scenario and how you would respond from your position as a nurse executive. Explain your decision-making process, specific actions you would take, and your reasoning. Support your thinking with the Learning Resources or current literature.