to describe the relevant condition, how this condition affects first language acquisition, and what this developmentally different language acquisition might tell us about language acquisition in general.
• What is the condition in general terms? What are the causes and symptoms, and what is
incidence of the condition in the general United States Population?
• How does the condition affect first language acquisition? What differences are observed be-
tween the population you are studying and the general population in terms of both production
and (if possible) comprehension? Are there delays in major language acquisition milestones,
such as the onset of babbling, first word, two word combinations, consonant production, un-
derstanding of complex sentences, ect.? (You will likely not find information on all of these sub-topics – these are just examples of the kind of things you should be looking for.) Also,
does the condition affect communicative competence beyond grammatical factors? (Note that
while you’re welcome to discuss reading & writing, this should not be your focus.)
• What does the study population tell us about language acquisition in general? In other
words, to what extent does language acquisition depend non-linguistic factors, such as general
intélligence, (non-linguistic) communicative ability, or other types of ‘higher-level’ reasoning?
You may of course also include other topics, such as treatment or speech therapy options for your
study population.
please include tables/charts/graphs as tables
or figures in your paper (these can definitely come form other sources, just be sure to cite them).
Include your references on the final slide or at the end of your paper. Any reasonable formatting
option is fine for references and (if doing) your paper, including MLA and APA or any other
academic style.