This section can be confusing BUT it does NOT have to be.
It can be simple.
The way to keep it simple, is to focus on doing TWO things — JUST two things…
First, write ONE paragraph that “take the other side” —
So if you are writing in FAVOR of Independence for Puerto Rico, you would write ONE paragraph that argued for “statehood” or for staying the same.
If you are writing in FAVOR of free college, you would write one paragraph explaining the DANGER of free college (too much like high school, increased taxes, etc).
If you are writing in FAVOR of ending police brutality — you would write a paragraph explaining that police need MORE “wiggle room” or freedom on the job in order to deal with the challenges of brutal crime and cold-hearted criminals.
If you have a brother / sister they are ALWAYS happy to help find disagreements.
One student — who earned an A — said that his teenage daughter helped him “greatly”.
For the next paragraph, EXPLAIN why you do NOT agree with the paragraph JUST ABOVE.
So, in Halloween language — Put on a mask, take off the mask.
I am in favor of free college, please write a paper about that and write something that contradicts why I am in favor of college being free.