This presentation is designed to help students better understand the pros and cons of using photography in healthcare. Each student will create a presentation that will discuss and present how photography could affect the student’s future current workplace. The presentation needs to include at least 2 photos that do not include any people except the student. If the student includes a photo of themselves, they are giving CUNY and the people in this class full access and rights to the photograph (students may have another person take the picture). If this is a concern, students should not be in the 2 photos. They can just create a simulated situation/drawing that can be used as the subject of the photos. Be sure the photos do not violate any HIPAA or workplace policies. Be sure not to use images created/captured by others or violate copyright law.
Creativity is encouraged. Here are some important points to consider to receive full credit for this assignment.
Professional presentation on using photography in healthcare for the audience of your choice. Creativity is evident in the presentation. Develop a PowerPoint with at least 5 slides (not including the title and reference slides), 2 pictures (must be photographs/images you or an immediate acquaintance captured with a camera/phone/another device; the PPT or PPTX file must be less than 10,000 KB / 10 megabytes). The photos/images should be simulated examples of a photo/image that would be useful to the care of a patient (eg. wound, positioning, educational, etc.). Any type of presentation software can be used as an option (instead of PowerPoint) as long as the file is completely open to the public and accessible to all members of this class. Be sure to include a transcript. CREATE your own thread to share your presentation.
Include at least 3 sentences in the notes section of each PowerPoint slide. These notes should help describe the slide and what the intention is for that slide. If another type of presentation software is used, be sure to include a WORD document for the transcript where the notes for each section can be found easily. Include reference to at least one portion of the textbook and one professional journal article (you must acquire the full text of the article). The goal is to demonstrate that you understand the pros and cons of using photography in health care.
Timeliness and style are professional in nature. Presentation is delivered early or on-time. No grammar / syntax errors. Presentation is creative, visually appealing, and engaging.
One picture of neonatal phototherapy, another about ultrasound diagnostics, prenatal examination.