This Power Point should have at least 20 slides. Due Date this Friday 11:00 AM. I attached a document that you can use as a guide with the most important aspect that should be included in the Presentation. 
The study chosen for your presentation must be a Quantitative research study design). Criteria for approval ( and therefore should be screened as part of your search strategy) are all of the following:
· published with the last 5 years
· relevant to nursing (i.e., have nursing implications)
· uses quantitative methodology (data analysis uses statistical tests), not qualitative methodology (data analysis uses words)
· uses one, or a combination, of the following statistical tests to analyze data:
· Pearson correlation, Spearman rho correlation
· Simple Linear regression, Multiple Linear Regression (not Logistic Regression) 
· T-test, Mann-Whitney U test, chi square (χ2), Wilcoxon
· ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance) (not Multiple Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) or Analysis of Co-Variance (ANCOVA). 
Suggested Topics for Critical Appraisal Project
pain management 
caregiver burden
quality of life 
workplace bullying
smoking cessation
end-of- life care
wound care
sleep quality
needle stick   injuries
colon cancer   screening
job satisfaction