This is a current events discussion.
Select one of the essential questions that appealed to you during this unit. Conduct internet research to locate a related current event or news item. Something that has happened recently that is causing a legal issue.
For your discussion post (1) summarize the article, (2) include a link to the article, (3) clearly identify the legal issue associated with the article, and (4) reflect on the article with your own personal opinion.
DO NOT POST ON A NEWS EVENT OR NEWS ITEM THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED. You must choose an original topic. Your post may address the same concept as another student, but it cannot reference the same news event or item.
BE SURE YOUR NEWS EVENT OR ITEM IS ACTUALLY NEWS. Do not post about general information that you located on the web, on a blog or informational website. Write about a news event.
To receive full credit for this assignment:
Summarize an article you located on the internet related to a business being sued.
Include a link to the article.
Clearly identify the legal topic, concept, or rule of law associated with the article. Great detail is not required (you are not an expert yet!), just a general identification.
Reflect on the article by expressing your personal opinion on the legal or ethical issues involved.
Demonstrate through your writing that this is your best effort. Minimal effort, as evidenced by short and unsupported statements, will receive minimal credit.
What is a consensual lien? How is it removed?
What is a statutory lien? How does it attach? How is it removed?
What is a judgment lien? How does it attach? How is it removed?
What is a mechanic’s lien? How does it attach? How is it removed?