This individual breakout session requires you to hone your critical analysis skills regarding research design.
Choose 1 article that is of most interest to you.
Wu, Y., Sun, I. Y., & Triplett, R. A. (2009). Race, class or neighborhood context: which matters more in measuring satisfaction with police? Justice Quarterly, 26(1), 125-156.
For your selected article:
Describe research question. Why is it important?
What are the hypotheses?
Identify the sample used. What was the sampling technique.
Describe the research design. How were the data collected? Was this primary or secondary data collection?
Identify the IV, DV, & control variables. Provide detail as to how these variables were constructed.
What statistical analysis were used and why? Identify drawbacks to the statistical analysis used, if any.
Were there any significant findings?
Did the research design/study have any limitations?
How could the research design be improved?
This week, I want you to hone in on Halvorsen (2004) and to discuss it with one another.
As quoted in the Halvorsen (2004) article, “In Commentaries on the Laws of England (1769), Blackstone wrote that ‘the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer'” (p. 3). Further, Halvorsen (2004, p. 3) adds that Jeremy Bentham takes that concept further and states that “it is better that all guilty persons go free than that one innocent person be convicted.”
Do you agree or disagree with either Blackstone or Bentham’s statements? Why or why not? Do you have a preference of one perspective over the other? or Neither?
After noting where statistics are mentioned in the article, which error is worse in regards to false convictions? Explain the error. Do you agree or disagree with Halvorsen (2004)? Why or why not?
What is the role of ethics in this article? Link any specific concepts that you learned in 5050 to your response.
Can you link this cite to any aspect of 5010?
Given this article and what you know that has occurred and is currently occurring in the criminal justice system, what do you think is an important ethical consideration that needs to be addressed in the system today?