These are three difference case studys, each topic is below, three pages each study, size 12 text, times new roman front, double spaced.
Building a Case Study Analysis
Choose ONE of the three international topics
listed for each week and apply the guidelines below. These
case study analysis assignments are meant for you to explore and research
global perspectives related to international business.
2: (1) Drivers of
Globalization, Cultural Difference, Global Expansion.
How to Build
the Case Study Analysis
Find and use a minimum of three news or journal articles
discussing this topic.
The articles should be news or journal articles,
written by journalists for publication in newspapers or on news websites
(cannot be blogs or commercial sites) or for scholarly journal articles. They
may also be transcripts of news stories that were broadcast on television or
radio. The articles could be different perspectives on the same topic published
in different countries.
Many articles from other countries are supplied to library
databases from the BBC Monitoring Service, which does no reporting of its own
but collects articles from around the world and translates them into English.
For these BBC Monitoring Service articles, there will be an indication of which
newspaper, website, radio station, etc. was the original source of the article,
and in which country the source is located. This would be the country of
Your responses should be well-rounded and analytical
(comprehensive and supported with facts).
For each Case Study Analysis, you should
reference the three (or more) articles in APA forma. In-text citations and
references as described in detail in the library resources for APA
formatting: (Links to an external site.).
Each Case Study Analysis should be double-spaced in 12 pt. font
and between 3-5 pages for the content. Use the following Headings in your
Summary and Overview
This section should be a
paragraph with a high-level overview of the topic you chose for this week’s
Case Study Analysis.
Issue Analysis
Compare and contrast the various perspectives on the issue you
researched. How are the articles similar or different on how they expose the
issues? What are the explicit and implicit issues?
Based on the findings from the articles you used for this
assignment and/or the textbook, what are some of the implications and
recommendations for conducting international business?
Additional Inquiries
Identify at least two lines of inquiry that were exposed after
analyzing your topic and that were not addressed in your selected articles.
These inquiries can be questions or issues that you were not able to answer or
understand from your reading.
NOTE: You do not need to compose answers; just identify the
lines of possible further inquiry.
Clarify where or how you believe you can
obtain information to answer these two questions. Mention specific sources (do
not simply say, “Searching on the Internet”).