Theories of personality vary and Sigmund Freud’s viewpoint has consistently been one of the most influential and controversial views more than by any other theorist. Freud believed there were sexual conflicts that existed in the infant and young child and these conflicts revolved around specific regions of the body. He derived his theory of the psychosexual stages of development defined by an erogenous zone of the body. In each developmental stage, a conflict exists that must be resolved before the infant or child can progress to the next stage. List the different stages of childhood according to Freud’s theory of psychosexual development. Identify the ages in which these stages occur, discuss several important characteristics of each stage and give an example of how this stage and its characteristics can affect personality development. Discuss differences that may exist due to gender with the psychosexual developmental process.
Instructions: Create your response in a word document with a minimum of 550-word count to connect to all required components. Be specific with addressing factual points from the readings to back up your thoughts. Include in text citations and a reference citation at the end of your response, which includes the text and any outside sources in APA format. Include an APA cover page.