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Blake Barker
Sep 5, 2022Sep 5 at 10:02pm
Criminal intent is a certain type of workplace violence that the offender has no genuine relationship with the organization or business. The offender could be anyone, and the people that handle cash, work late, or work alone are typically in the most danger. An article that talks about criminal intent says, “This criminal intent, such as robbery and burglary, is the leading cause of workplace violence in the U.S.” (Smith, 2018). As the number of these cases continue to increase across the country, it should be a priority to have employees of businesses and organizations trained on what to do in these criminal intent situations.
The same article shares some insight on what protective steps employees can take where it says, “Three simple actions that someone can take during a workplace violence episode to save his/her life are run, hide, fight…employees should receive workplace violence and active shooter training in whatever program employees respond well to…” (Smith, 2018). One more point from that article says, “Employees should also be trained to look out for other warning signs and security measures to prevent workplace violence. A little training, prevention and planning can make the difference to prevent a tragedy” (Smith, 2018). Some direction on how to handle these intense situations can certainly lead to better outcomes in the future for employees.
Not only should employees be trained to look out for criminal intent and on what to do, but businesses and organizations should also have strong security for their employees. One article that talks about implementing security for emergency departments related to health care says, “…environmental changes could be implemented in the form of controlled access, good lighting, clear signs, comfortable waiting areas, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and the removal or securing of weaponizable furniture” (Wirth, et al, 2021). All of these actions to help prevent workplace violence need to be put into place in order to help with the growing violence. One quote from the textbook also has some input of security in the workplace where it says, “Providing adequately trained security personnel in sufficient numbers is part of security management” (Valentine, et al, 2020). Having trained security personnel can also be a major factor in resolving violence in the workplace.
Even though it is important to protect employees and other members of businesses and organizations by using man-made methods, it is crucial to remember to put trust in God. No one can truly bring the comfort and safety that is only found in trusting and accepting Jesus. What this country really needs is spiritual awakening of the truth about Jesus and the calling he places on the lives of everyone. As the famous verse of Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (NLT). If people could lean into the truth about Jesus and the plans for their lives, there would certainly be less workplace violence. Christians have to make sure they influence businesses, organizations, and the people around them in a godly way that discourages sinful actions that lead to workplace violence.

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