The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn about the New Testament ancient document by investigating the life and times of Jesus Christ. The movie will provide you a visual representation of the background of his life as it concentrates on the night before and day of his crucifixion. You will also be able to better understand the times of Jesus Christ with emphasis on the people and their occupations as well as some religious and philosophical influences during the first century. The movie will also allow you to observe the different people and their occupations as well as the predominance of the local Roman government. Based on this background information, write your personal observation of the movie. You might select one or more characters and write an observation about their portrayals in the movie. You could also write about an overall observation of the movie.
Note: Make sure you include within your paper information about the life and times of Jesus, especially the people and their occupations. Also, include the background of the religious and philosophical influences that were evident throughout the movie. The paper must two typed pages. Please double space and use a number 12 Arial font. Make sure you include your name at the top of the first page.
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