The only instruction is that the presentation should be about 5 mins. include enough information within each slide to get me there. you can use your own judgement.
The powerpount will include the key concepts of allergic reactions and i would like it answer the following questions:
1. what is an allergic reaction?
2. What is anaphylaxis?
3. Most common allergens and provide some facts
3. How can an allergic reaction develop into anaphylaxis and what are its characteristics.
4. Pathophysiolgy of both. What happens in the body and its outwards effects. For ex. highlight histamines, bronchoconstriction and vasodilation.
5. Signs and symptoms of both (allergic reaction and anaphylaxis)and how are they different
6. Treatment. How would an EMT treat a patient with an allergic reaction within their scope of practice. ( O2 and epinephrine under medical direction) Address the 5 rights of medication. (you can look this up)
7. Epineprhine: What is it?, What does it do? And how to adminster it?
8. references