Understanding key factors when it comes to political issues is one of the most important things we can do as an advanced society, where we understand both sides of an issue to make an informed opinion. In our Assignment for the week, your task is to consider one of the following political issues.
The National Debt
Gun reform legislation
Medicare for all vs. Public Option
The Border Wall with Mexico
After selecting an issue, your next task is to identify the Democratic and Republican stances on these issues. In a well-thought-out, 5-paragraph essay (500 – 700 words in APA style with a brief references page), address the following sections.
Section 1 – Introduce the topic you have selected and your upcoming main points.
Section 2 – Give the Democratic perspective. What is their viewpoint on this issue?
Section 3 – Give the Republican perspective. What is their viewpoint on this issue?
Section 4 – Address what the key areas of debate here are. How does each side frame the issue?
Section 5 – Conclusion. Review your main points and your final thoughts.
When you have completed this assignment, turn it in by clicking the link above.