The first draft of the paper is due 11/21/21 before 9:00 pm the draft paper is 4-6 pages, but the final paper is due 12/03/2021. I also included directions for Mini Lit Review.
Topic Chosen is Teacher Burnout & Covid-19…
1. research paper related to Interdisciplinary Studies. You will first choose a real-world problem or social issue that, similar to your analysis of the Enron scandal, which was resolved by utilizing several different disciplines. Your goal with this paper is to identify the disciplines found within the complex solution to your chosen complex problem, and how these disciplines were integrated to craft a solution.
The paper will follow APA formatting and must include a title page, page numbers, and a reference page.
2. Draft due 11/21/21- Your draft must be 4-6 pages in length and should be a good representative example of your final paper, using APA formatting. Your paper should include a title page, abstract and significant content areas that provide a solid idea of the direction you are taking, and structure of the paper, including an APA reference page (bibliography), corresponding in-text citations and related references, etc., which you have or will be adding to the paper.
If there are some sections that you have not completed writing yet, make sure you enclose some outline notes on what you intend to add. You should turn in a significant portion of the final written paper. This paper must be an original work and under no circumstances can this be a paper that has been submitted for any other previous or current class. No reconstituted works will be allowed.
3. Final Research Paper due 12/03/2021- Your final paper should be 8-10 pages in length and formatted correctly in APA-style (including title page, abstract, reference page (bibliography), page numbers, etc.). Remember, this must be an original work – use of papers that have previously been submitted is not permitted.