The Final Exam is meant to confirm your command of Eng. 112-level writing skills: chiefly, format, structure, and incorporation of outside source material.
Standard academic essay writing calls for a three-part structure— intro., body, conclusion— wherein a thesis statement appears as the final sentence of the first paragraph, the supportive source material is integrated into the body (as quotes), and the conclusion reiterates the thesis in light of the essay as a whole.
For this exam, you must incorporate source material in two ways:
1) a quote must be integrated into the thesis itself as a part of the introduction; the thesis must be founded, in part, upon a specific statement from the source text,
2) a quote must be included in the body paragraph as support of your thesis.
Prompt: read Wortham’s How I Learned…, beginning on page 530 in TSIS. In three well-developed paragraphs, answer question #5 from the “Joining the Conversation” section following the essay. You must incorporate two quotes from the text, correctly cited in-text, as described below.
All essays will be assessed for the following fundamental elements:
MLA format
Heading, page numbers, title (consult RW pg. 468)
In-text citations (consult RW)
Works cited (using RW pg. 449)
Three-part structure (in the specific case of this exam, this means three paragraphs, minimum, each of approximately 6-10 sentences)
An introduction with quotess and a clear thesis
A quote within the supportive body
A conclusion that restates the thesis