1. Use the draft report as the foundation to completing this task.
2. After reading my draft, please complete the “Summary of Research Design” chart first.
3. On the chart, you will see the letters “RQ” that refers to Research Question(s)
4. This is a qualitative class. PLEASE DO THIS FROM A QUALITATIVE VIEW (NOT QUANTITATIVE. I am aware that the draft uses quantitative.)
5. IMPORTANT: This is the initial introduction to your study: what are you aiming to study and why? Please draw from Maxwell (2013) and Booth (2008).
A. Statement of the Research Problem
B. Statement of the Purpose of the Study
C. Research Questions
Note: Each of the above should cite academic sources when appropriate. When addressing A-C, it should roughly 2 – 3 paragraphs each and cite work.
6. Create a works cited page (Many of the sources have been provided for you. Please APA format)