Thank you for submitting this manuscriipt, which addresses many vital aspects of the plight and needs of stateless children. This is an important area that is very worthy of study.
In spite of these strengths, it was difficult to follow the flow and balance of the manuscriipt (it seemed that most of the development related to the stateless context; without a lot of clear connections to the COVID situation). It seems like a stronger, clear focus is needed throughout the manuscriipt in order to help readers navigate the content. Also, the paper is presented in a very different format than that typically submitted to ECEJ (i.e., writing style, headings, format, etc.).
For all these reasons, we are not able to move the piece forward in the publication process at this time. However, should you wish to revise and reformat the paper, we would be glad to give it additional consideration for review.
Thank you for your work and for considering ECEJ as a potential outlet for your writing.