The discussion this week focuses on ageism. Interview one to two people, one aged 35-50 and another 66+. You might interview your parents, grandparents, relatives, or neighbors, for example. Collect the information and then put it in essay format. After addressing the questions below, conclude your assignment by identifying the most surprising thing that you learned from your interview regarding aging. Be sure to address why this newly acquired information was surprising.
Ask yourself and the people you are interviewing the following questions:
What age is “middle age?” Why do you think this? What are typical physical signs of aging in middle age?
What age is “old?” Why do you think this? What are typical physical signs of aging in old age?
How do you think societal attitudes for attractiveness and fitness are the same or different for people in their twenties vs. those in their thirties, forties, and fifties?
Be sure to describe the standards of beauty and whether these are the same or different for each of the above age groups as well as for men and women.
Ask your interviewee(s) to name a person who represents their ideal of beauty and why that it is? (Get a name and age of the idea type; hint: usually people select movie stars.)
Ask your interviewee(s) if they believe they have been exposed to societal attitudes based on their age and what, if any, physical changes the interviewee has noticed in his or her physical health and endurance.
Support what you write using the article readings. Cite and include references as per the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).