The below situations to respond to:
Software Warranty: In this situation, the software
firm must carefully balance its marketing and legal priorities. While a
strong warranty that includes specifics regarding what the software
will and will not do may help sell more software, it also has the
potential to put the company in financial jeopardy if the software fails
to live up to the specific warranties. In such a case, a customer that
relies on such warranties and suffers financial damages as a result
might choose to sue for breach of warranty. Although the head of
software development might strongly believe in the quality of the
product the software development team has created, he or she should also
be realistic about the potential for defects in any software product,
especially when it is being used by a wide range of customers in a
variety of computing environments. You should recognize that as a member
of the legal department, their priority is to their best to protect the
company breach of warranty lawsuits.
Reflecting on what you have learned from your readings from the
text and independent research on Software Product Liability, explain
your understanding of the topic and thoughts regarding this particular
Justify your response with research and personal experience stories.