The assignment will involve ( 2) two activities.
1. One is a review of the State of Texas Code 551 for Local Government Meetings.
The information on the requirements of local government meetings is provided through this link from the Texas Government Code 551
(Click on this link to view the TG Code)
Code 551
2. Watch the video of a Local Government Meeting and submit a summary of the preceedings.
Here is the link to the video of Lufkin City Council Meeting –
Lufkin City Council Meeting Video
Discuss the following in your submission:
How does this meeting meet requirements for Texas Public Meetings as outlined in TX Govt. Code 551?
Describe an agenda items concerning zone requirements, budgets, purchasing.
Discuss any employee issues addressed..
How does this meeting meet the requirements for public notice as described in Texas Government Code 551? (For example the requirement for pre-posting the agenda, providing minutes and the opportunity for public comment)
How does this meeting permit citizen engagement?
You may submit your responses in paragraph form with sources and citations as appropriate. The expected word count is a minimum of 500 words.