TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Write a 2- to 3-page paper on your philosophy of teaching. Include a list of five references. This is an individual assignment.
ACCEPTABLE: Paper has no more than 5 errors in spelling or grammar. Five references are used appropriately, and the paper makes a coherent argument for the described teaching philosophy.
The final paper should be:
APA Format
Typed, double-spaced
One-inch margins on all sides
Font – 12 pt., Times New Roman
Page numbers
2-3pages (not including references)
5 references
**Please refrain from using I, and passive voice**
*Note about Research*
The use of Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias for graduate-level papers is inappropriate as these sources present information that is “already digested.” Essentially, you are obtaining analyses done by someone else. Use of such sources limits graduate students’ ability to reason, synthesis, analyze and evaluate firsthand the information presented. Therefore, it is imperative that graduate students explore and search academically oriented literature and synthesize, analyze, reason, and evaluate information found.