Students will work in groups of no more than 5 persons and prepare a service delivery map.The purpose of this assignment is for the student to develop skills to assess communities’ assets and needs in a specified, geographically defined community. The assignment requires students to assess the environment as oppressive or supportive for positive personal and community change. Students become aware of how socially and economically disadvantaged/marginalized communities often experience limited access to needed services and resources. Based on knowledge gleaned from previous assignments, students understand how the social service delivery system is designed to best serve the needs of at-risk, marginalized communities, though often facing environmental constraints. In addition, this assignment requires students to design a plan to create a service delivery map to reduce or eliminate the identified needs.
The Project will list the community’s agencies and their services, and will identify their gaps in services, together with any impediments to service delivery, such as poor transportation, costly fees, wait lists, etc. Students are required to utilize the APA format for all written materials and assignments (This applies to both the paper and the presentation’s PowerPoint). The paper assignment must meet a minimum of five to six (5-6) narrative pages, not including the title, abstract or references pages. The student must also include a minimum of five (5) scholarly references from professional literature sourcestosupport this assignment. This assignment is used as a measure of student competency and ability to incorporate the information provided throughout this course.