64 Movies About Grief and Loss

Stages of Grief Reflection Paper (5 pages):
Watch a movie and then describe how it portrayed death, loss, and bereavement. I want you to watch the movie with the intention of noticing how the theories and concepts we have covered so far are illustrated. You should write this paper from a theoretical and clinical perspective (i.e. how would you work with the individual(s) in the movie). Feel free to find other research articles or readings that include theories or study on grief that relate to the case presented in the movie you choose. Directly apply the stages of grief, Freud’s psychoanalysis, and/or Bowlby’s attachment theory to how the character bereavement process. Be sure to use APA 7 citations for the sources you integrate into this paper.
List of possible movies: https://whatsyourgrief.com/64-movies-about-grief-and-loss/ (Links to an external site.)
Please reflect on:
How did the concept of death present itself?
Reflect on how you think the show was or was not a representation of common culture attitudes towards death and grief. What are the positive and/or negative consequences of portraying death in the way that it did?
How is your reaction/reflection consistent with material presented in class?
How did the characters react? Did those reactions align with any theory?
Did any of the characters meet the criteria for a DSM-5 diagnosis? Why or why not?
How would you work with this individual or family in a clinical setting with the theories you choose?
Follow the rubric requirements closely; I will review and grade based on the rubric.
Relevant background information about characters/show (Not to exceed 3 paragraphs.)
1 pts
Reflection of common cultural attitudes
2 pts
Integration of primary theories and concepts from class
3 pts
Included reflection of DSM-5 criteria
2 pts
Organization of paper, APA formatting, 5 pages (excluding title/reference pages)
2 pts
Website readings:

How to prepare for a good death