Social Media Marketing and The Purple Cow
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In this Discussion…: Let us consider the challenge of establishing a brand presence on-line (through social media or otherwise) by asking the following question: As a Nascent Entrepreneur (meaning an entrepreneur with little to no experience) how would you advise him/her on the best strategy to creating a Purple Cow attribute to better market their On-line T-Shirts and Apparel Company?
Note: This discussion requires you to put on your entrepreneurial hat so-to-speak. However, before you begin…read the article in the link: What’s Your Purple Cow (attached below) to enhance your understanding of a Purple Cow attribute…: (Links to an external site.)
Key Points to Consider:
1. In your own words, how would you explain a Purple Cow attribute?
2. What would you suggest as a Purple Cow for an On-line T’Shirts and Apparel Company started by a Nascent Entrepreneur?
3. What social media platform(s) would you primarily focus on marketing the T’Shirts and Apparel?