For this assignment, please follow the instructions below and answer the questions:
Please go to the TSU Website
Click on the Academics drop-down and select the “Library Learning Center”
On the left-hand side, select “Database A-Z”
Select “JSTOR” under the ‘J’ tab
Search “Social Conditions as Fundamental Causes of Diseases” by Bruce Link and Jo Phelan.
Please answers the following questions:
Based on the reading, do you agree that greater attention must be paid to basic social conditions if health reform is to have its maximum effect in the time ahead? Why or why not?
Share your [external] research that supports your claim. (Please remember to cite your resources in APA format)
**Please follow the instructions. The journals, articles, magazines, old newspapers, etc. are at your fingertips! The University has paid a lot of money [and so have you] to have this information in the physical and online library. Please explore these databases to help you in the future. I cannot stress enough the importance of external research. These databases will be your best-friend! You don’t have to worry about searching online with all types of information. Most of the work produced in the database have a citation link too, easy right!? Just submit it with your work. I hope you all learn something new by utilizing the library, besides just doing the work.