Refer to the Course Schedule for the due date. For this assignment, you will conduct a search from a nursing database in the library as well as the app store. This activity provides you an opportunity to enhance your online library search skills and to explore different/new presentation tools to create a media-rich presentation based on your findings.
Select the Simulation for Learning title link above and select View Rubric for grading criteria.
Investigate the use of simulation (virtual or human patient simulators) in nursing education and find the following:
Log in to the Rodgers Library to conduct a search from a nursing database.
Find one recent article (within the past five years) that describes the use of simulation (virtual or human patient simulators) in nursing education.
Search the app store.
Find two free simulation applications for use in medical or nursing education that you might find useful during your time as a student at CCN.
Create a brief presentation (no PowerPoint, pdf, or Word presentations accepted) using a free presentation software.
Explore free presentation software listed here or search on your own:
Format of your presentation can be either formal or informal. Include the following aspects of your presentation.
Discuss the basic concepts related to the library article you chose (subject, what you learned).
Include reflections on the advantages and disadvantages of using simulation in nursing education.
Describe how simulation can be used in distance learning.
Name and describe the two simulation applications that you found on your mobile device and discuss how they are beneficial to nursing education.
Describe the presentation software you selected, listing advantages and disadvantages of this method of presentation.
Include references in APA (7th Ed).
Save your presentation as yourname-simulation.
Submit the link to your presentation (copy and paste) by selecting the title link above.